Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March Meeting

The March meeting was held on the usual 3rd Tuesday at the Redmond Library at 7:00 PM, wtih about 15 members present. Ron Wattaja volunteered to do an interesting presentation from his vaired past, when a future aircraft homebuilder got into teh submarine business via his CAP Squadron. Based on the presentation, his Squadron CO decided it was a good idea to build a wet submersable from a tip tank off a T-33. The presentation outlined the efforts to figure out how to make a workign submersable out of the tip tank, encountering many of the same issues aircraft builders encoutner; where to place the battery, and weight and balance. In this case, it sure sounded like it spent more time on the bottom of Midwest lakes, then cruising the waters! Overall an interesting presentation.

Ron also gave us a preview of his most recent AB accident statistics. He has an interest in diving through the accident reports and really getting to the real story of the reports. Ron will be presenting an indepth report on AB accidents in the May or June time-frame.

Thanks goes to Ron for coming out to Redmond and presenting for the meeting!

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