Friday, December 13, 2013

December Meeting

Our Annual December Meeting is on Tuesday, Dec 17th at the Redmond Library. There will be things on the agenda: a White Elephant gift exchange, and at the end of the meeting we will transition leadership to the new team. If the awards from the EAA arrive in time, we will also recognize people who contributed to our chapter in 2013; however some shipping issues may force us to wait one month for that ceremony.

The Main Event
Meanwhile, get your Aviation White Elephant wrapped and ready. Camouflaged wrapping always encouraged.

Since we have some newer folks this year and for us forgetful types here's the rules from Santa Culver himself:

The complete set of rules is more or less as follows:

  1. $20 or less aviation-related gift. Anything for the shop is also "aviation related" in an EAA chapter.
  2. Only those that bring a gift can participate.
  3. We draw numbers to determine order that people go in
  4. Whoever is "up" gets to choose whether to pick a net new gift, or to claim one that someone else already claimed
  5. If you are the victim of a gift steal, you are next to claim a gift. Same rules: pick net new or steal from someone else
  6. A given item may only be claimed 3 times, including the first person to get the gift. After that it's "dead" and no longer in play
  7. All gifts have to go home with the recipient. Until next year.

So join in the fun. Put some thought into what to share and we'll bring some snacks to help everyone debate whether they should choose the big box or the tiny one.

This month we'll try Italian fast food for a pre-meeting dinner. If you want to join us (definitely optional!), the Pallino is in Redmond Town Center, across from REI. The address (as if it matters) is: 7545 166th Ave NE, Space D110, Redmond, WA 98052. Maybe you want to plug it into your fish finder, though, in order to get there :)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Election Results

Surprise, surprise -- the November election was unanimous: the entire ballot was elected as presented. Our new officers are as follows:
  • VP – John Marzulli. John will be VP in Year 1, and President in Year 2
  • Treasurer – Jason Hills (incumbent, re-elected)
  • Director – Chad Hankins

Matt Mulder will officially become president, which is the natural order of progression (from VP to President).

These officers take office effective the end of the December meeting.

The complete list of officers is now as follows:

  • President: Matt Mulder (Expires end of 2014)
  • VP: John Marzulli (Becomes president at end of 2014)
  • Secretary (2 year term): Rob Kochman (expires end of 2014)
  • Treasurer (2 year term): Jason Hills (expires at end of 2015)
  • Directors (2 year term):
    • Director: Jim Piavis (Expires end of 2014)
    • Director: Shawn Li (Expires end of 2014)
    • Director: Chad Hankins (Expires end of 2015)