Friday, April 23, 2010

April Meeting - Lake Hills Library

Our most recent meeting was held last Tuesday evening, 7:00 PM at the Lake Hills Library. We were all pretty much anticipating a low turnout due to the alternate location, but we were all pleasantly surprised with an attendance of about 20 to hear what Joe Hull had to say about his close brush with certain stardom.

Since the program was going to run a little short we started the meeting a little late, well, it was really because the dinner crowd was running a little late from the fine feast at the local Red Robin. We did introductions with one new guest, Glen Braun who is in the process of building an RV-12, and several other folks we haven't seen in a while. It was good to see everyone back!

The program was scheduled to be a video on Joe Hull's and Tom Staggs' trip north of the border to lend their canards for a TV shoot. Once we determined that the audio really wasn't the fault of Joe's computer, we managed to see the video with reduced audio, and Joe providing color commentary. Overall an entertaining 22 minute video.

Post-video, we stood around a bit and socialized, cleaned up the room and departed for the evening. Next month we're hoping to have Tom Staggs give his presentation on first flights as we have a Zenith, and two RVs that are getting close to first flights hopefully this Summer.

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