Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2012 Election Results (Nov 15, 2011)

Tonight we elected new officers for the Chapter, as follows:

VP: Mike Culver (He will automatically become Chapter President in the second year.)
Treasurer: Jason Hills (2 years)
Director: Joe Hull (2 years)

Note that in odd years we elect one director, and in even years we elect two.

That means that our 2012 line-up is as follows:

President: Chad Hankins (Expires end of 2012)
VP: Mike Culver (Becomes president at end of 2012)
Secretary (2 year term): Rob Kochman (expires end of 2012)
Director (2 year term):
Glen Braun (Expires end of 2012)
Rich Martin (Expires end of 2012)
Joe Hull (Expires end of 2013)

Submitted by Mike Culver
Nov 15, 2011

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