Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dec 31 -- Unofficial Fly-Out

Another unofficial chapter fly-out today. Destination was Thun Field (KPLU), and took advantage of a surprise sunny day!

In the three photos below are Kelly and Rob Kochman (photo 1), Bill Lattimer (photo 2 left), Jim Piavis (photo 2 right), Bill Dickey (photo 3 left), and Mike Culver (photo 3 right). Not shown in the photos below is John Marzulli, who also attended. Many more photos by Jim Piavis are located at this link. And even more by Rob Kochman are can be viewed at this link Finally, John Marzulli posted a great video.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Nov 25 -- Unofficial Fly-Out

Today a bunch of us went to Bremerton for lunch. Unofficial, but a great time. Ya gotta take 'em when ya can get 'em this time of year...

(Click on the photos for a larger image)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2012 Election Results (Nov 15, 2011)

Tonight we elected new officers for the Chapter, as follows:

VP: Mike Culver (He will automatically become Chapter President in the second year.)
Treasurer: Jason Hills (2 years)
Director: Joe Hull (2 years)

Note that in odd years we elect one director, and in even years we elect two.

That means that our 2012 line-up is as follows:

President: Chad Hankins (Expires end of 2012)
VP: Mike Culver (Becomes president at end of 2012)
Secretary (2 year term): Rob Kochman (expires end of 2012)
Director (2 year term):
Glen Braun (Expires end of 2012)
Rich Martin (Expires end of 2012)
Joe Hull (Expires end of 2013)

Submitted by Mike Culver
Nov 15, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

November Meeting

Our fearless leader, Jim, sent the following mail to the group regarding our next meeting on November 15:


It seems that we just had a meeting a couple weeks ago, but it's that time again. Usual time and place (7:00 PM, Redmond Library).

This is kind of a show-n-tell meeting, but with a topic. Bring in your examples of your favorite electonic aviation toys to share with the group. I'm sure we'll have a variety of I-Pad apps as well as some others, so bring them along.

Secondly, it's time for the annual elections. If you're interested in running for a postion, come attend. Actually, if you don't want a position, that might be a better reason to show up! ;-)

Finally, we'll meet at 6:00 at Ooba's as usual for the pre-meeting dinner.

Hope to see everyone there!


Sunday, June 12, 2011

2011 Fly-Ins

Please let us know what we are missing; however this list combines several sources.

Fathers' Day Fly-In, June 18-19, Tonasket, BBQ Sat. Eve 5:00-8:00 Breakfast Sunday AM 7-11. Camping on Field
Olympic Airshow, June 18-19, Olympia (primarily warbirds)
Fly for Pies, Sat June 18, Lebanon OR (S30)
Northwest RV Fly-In, June 18, Scappoose
Desert Aire, WA, June 18, Mattawa M94 (Pancake breakfast)
Alberni Fly-In, Sunday, June 19, Alberni BC. Includes tours of the Martin Water Bombing Base
Fantasy Field Fly-In, June 25, Chehalis (private field). Bring food to share
Richland WA Fly-In, June 24-25, Richland WA, Barbecue 6:00 PM Friday, on-field camping, Young Eagles flights, EAA pancake breakfast, food vendors, warbirds, same weekend as Cool Desert Nights car show in Richland
Fly-Out to Nootka Island, BC, July 2, Nanaimo. Land on the beach in the wilderness.
Arlington Fly-In, July 6-10, Arlington
Northwest International Bi-plane Fly-In, July 15-17, Felts Field, Spokane
Mulino OPA Blueberry Pancake Breakfast, July 16, Mulino OR (4S9), 7:30 - 10, 54th Annual Mulino Chapter OPA, Blueberry Pancake Breakfast. Adults $8, Children $6
Prosser Fly-In, July 16-17, Prosser (S40), Saturday breakfast, lunch and BBQ dinner, Sunday breakfast. Free campground, restroom and shower facilities. Aircraft Fly-Mart both days
Princeton Airshow, July 16, Princeton BC
Friday Harbor Fly-In, July 23, Friday Harbor
Concrete/North Cascades Vintage Fly In, July 22-24, Concrete
2011 COPA Convention & Langley Fly-In, July 24-26, Langley BC, Canadian Owners and Pilots Association
Oshkosh, July 25-31, Oshkosh WI
Nelson Fly-In, Aug 6, Nelson BC
Abbotsford Air Show, Aug 12-14
2011 NWAAC Fly-in, Aug 12-14, Scappoose
Oregon Air Show, August 19-21, Hillsboro OR, featuring all new 6-jet US Patriots with the Army Black Dagger Parachute Team, Aerobatic Racing Challenge, F-15 and F-16 Demo Teams and many more.
Chilliwack Flight Fest, Aug 20-21, Chilliwack BC
Airshow of the Cascades, Aug 26-27, Madras OR, CAF aircraft, Bud Granley, and more
Wings Over Republic, Aug 26-28, Republic

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Port Angeles Fly-Out

Today several of us flew to Port Angeles for lunch. Great flight, fun destination. The restaurant is in the terminal building, which is frozen in time from circa 2000 -- there is even a Windows 2000 anti-piracy ad on the wall.

The restaurant is nothing special -- in fact it's a typical commercial airport deli. However the former departure lounge now seats up to 30 in a private meeting room setting: with food served. Nice view of the runway from that room. If you are interested in eating there, they are open Tuesday thru Saturday (with Saturday being an experiment) from 9:00 - 3:30.

Click on any of the photos for a full-size image.

Friday, April 15, 2011

April Meeting

The normal monthy meeting will be held on Tuesday, 19 April 2011, 7:00 PM at the Redmond Library, This month we are in Meeting Room 1, which is next door to our usual room.

MotoCam will bring some of their small video cameras for the motor sports world. If you've ever wanted to take your own in-flight videos and wondered about the technology, here's you chance to ask the questions!

And as usual, we'll also get updates about projects and more from our members. With the incredible volume of building activity in our chapter, there will be plenty to learn!

As per tradition, for those so inclined, the pre-meeting dinner fest will be held at 6:00 PM at Oobas, kitty-corner from Ben Franklin's in Redmond.

See you then!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January 2011 Board Meeting

On Sunday, January 16, the EAA 1440 board got together at the Tully's in Redmond to discuss the upcoming year. Below are the minutes from that meeting. Many thanks for Jim Piavis for taking these notes.

1. Attendees: Jason ,Rich, Marc, Rob, Chad, Jim

2. Chapter By-Laws:

a. Rich: wants to have the Pres for a term of Pres for 2 years. Potentially have everyone run at the 2 year term.

b. Maybe have the option for the Pres to run for a second year if he/she wanted.

c. Need the write-up of the proposed change, then do a poll on Yahoo.

3. Finance:

a. Balance : $1301.97 in checking, $173.64 in PayPal is current balance. There is an outstanding check for $227.

b. Currently 27 paid members for this year. Our break-even point for coverage of insurance and fees is about 15 members.

c. Paperwork: EAA renewal paperwork has been sent in.

d. Name Tags: There is a list of about 5 names that need tags.

e. Projector: Still have two options for projectors (Joe/ Rob). No need to purchase.

f. Patches: No

4. Fly - Outs:

a. Invite others along when possible.

b. Ellensburg, Twin Oaks Ch 105, Independence, Tillimook, Bellingham, McMinnville (other locations aside from the usual).

c. Try to plan out well ahead of time.

d. Safety Pilots for instrument concurrency.

5. Other:

a. New members: have a topic that works for new guys.

b. Need a directory for tools/books etc, that folks only need for a little.

6. Meeting Topics

a. Ideas: go around the room with what you're building for the new guys.

b. Strive to put out notice on meetings if they will be good for spouses.

i. EAA 'canned' meetings - we believe they have some canned topics.

ii. Marc - can do a fill-in for an engine out in his Mooney.

iii. Bring-a-part show-n-tell

iv. Where folks have flown out to?

v. Land Speed record - same presentation as Harvey.

vi. Douglas World Cruiser

vii. Dynon again..

viii. Electrical - Rich Martin

ix. Engines: Brian Costello, local Lyc rep.

x. Props: Northwest Propeller.

xi. Conditional inspection - Terry Burch - overview of what needs to be done.

xii. Any Restorations local? MoF Restoration Shop

xiii. Tower Tour? SEA? Renton?

xiv. Project Visits

1. Chad - RV-7

2. Glen - RV-12

3. John M.

c. Feb

d. Mar

e. Apr: Dinner meeting - possibly have at 6:30.

f. May

g. Jun

h. July - Airshow Month

i. Aug - What I did for the Summer

j. Sep – BBQ

k. Oct:

l. Nov: Election

m. Dec - White Elephant