Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tim's RV-6 project for sale

From Tim Naugler:
As some of you might know, I'm selling my RV6 project. Thought I'd give 1440 first crack at it. :>

RV-6A Slider QB Kit converted to RV-6 - $17900
Includes parts to build either RV6 or 6A.
Empennage kit: complete exc. fiberglass (included)
Wing kit: nearly untouched
Fuselage kit:
- Floors drilled
- Electric flap kit fitted
- Control mounts fitted
- Rear top skins drilled
- Tail wheel mount installed
Finish Kit: Includes everything exc. cowl, spinner, engine mount, nosewheel strut, vert stab fairing
- RV7 style W-715 wingtips
- Vans Electrical wiring kit
- Vans fuel senders
- Vans dual brake kit
- Ztron labs LED wingtip and tail lights
- Vans tail wheel fairing
- Screaming Eagle tail wheel fork
- Wingtip antenna kit
- Milspec Products RV Cowling mount kit (stainless camlocs)
- Avery Tools Skyview ADHARS plumbing kit SA-A1
- Duckworks landing light kit
- Duckworks HID Retrofit kit (2x 35W D1S HIDs)
- Dynon heated pitot & mount kit

You can reach him at thenaug (at) gmail (dot) com or 425 466 Three Seven One Four

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 2014 Meeting Notes

Publishing on behalf of Matt Mulder, as I was unable to attend. Thanks for taking the great notes, Matt!

5.20.14 7pm
Redmond Library

Officers present:
Matt Mulder, President
John Marzulli, VP
Jason Hills, Treasurer.

Great meeting tonight! The meeting was to order at 7:05. About 12 members present. Rob is out
of town so we skipped the Secretary’s report. Jason noted that May is chapter dues month. You
should have seen a Yahoo or FB post about it. $20 through paypal. Cash or check still work too.

A new face in the crowd introduced himself. Chris Crickmer is a recent transplant from Texas.
He’s well into an RV­14 project and excited to find a chapter with active projects and flying RVs.
He’s also close to completing his PPL at Northway Aviation. Welcome Chris!

The floor was opened to discussion about this past weekend’s GA Day at Paine. Tome noted
that the crowd was kept on the opposite side of the runway relative to the FHC. John noted the
shuttle parking system was less than ideal as well. Despite the up and down weather there
seemd to be good turn out of people and planes (DC­3, 2 Staggerwings, B­25, among others)

Shawn Li discussed his busy month which included moving to his hanger, first and second
engine start, as just today getting his Airworthines inspection out of the way. All went relatively
smoothly. Rough idling engine turned out to be a fouled plug. His DAR (Scott?) gave him a
restriction that limits landing at Paine only after his airplane has 5 hours on it. So awkwardly, he’ll
need to depart Paine and land at Arlington for first flight and then 1 or 2 more flights at Arlington
before returning to PAE. Never­the­less, congrats Shawn on getting another RV­7 in in the air

Henry Herbert bought a Cozy in Florida and has a great story to tell of his adventure back to WA.
His images weren’t loading so we agreed to have him do a show and tell at the June meeting.

Mike covered while we tried to figure out the image problem by recounting his “unplanned”
purchase of his Avid Catalina a few years back.

We breifly touched on Summer Flyouts. The folks present seemed really interested by a Orcas
flyouy/camp out this Summer. John and I will float a few dates and see if we can get a few folks
together. Tom Staggs and John Marzulli are both flying to Oshkosh this year and promise a trip
write up and presentation this Fall. Sounds like a good Turtle and the Hare story if you ask me.

Finally for our main presentation, we welcome John Smutny of The Great Northwest Air Race.
He walked us through its history and current operation. In it’s 5th year, this race is based out of
Euphrata. This year’s race is June 21st and all sizes of planes are welcome, even rentals. Looks like a blast to me. $50 fee covers race and prerace dinner. Details can be found at
John is also looking for volunteers if anyone who can’t fly are interested in participating.