Monday, April 11, 2016

EAA 1440 April Meeting - Back in Redmond!

Tuesday, April 19, 7PM, Redmond Library.

Kirk Kleinholtz will be back to give us a great presentation: "Making the Transition to Glass Panel".

Summary: Learn about the technology that makes electronic flight information systems affordable and practical for small general aviation aircraft. A better understanding of the internal workings of these instruments will illustrate how they offer reliability, affordable redundancy, and greater situational awareness than venerable analog flight instruments. Pilots of even 2-seat VFR aircraft will learn how they can improve safety and situational awareness by making use of the latest in Glass Panel avionics. Pilots of IFR aircraft will learn how to achieve more capability and greater redundancy at lower cost. Learn not only the benefits of this technology, but also the safety and training issues relevant in making the transition from traditional analog instruments to glass panel.

Some of us will meet for 6PM dinner at Ooba Tooba Mex Grill - 15802 NE 83rd St, Redmond.

See you there!
Tim Naugler