Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hi Everyone –

Quick note for everyone about the upcoming board elections. I presented this info at the chapter meeting this evening, and am also planning to post it on our Facebook page.

Each year the chapter holds elections to select leaders for the coming year. We are a small chapter, and it is really important that everyone participate in order that fresh ideas continue to guide us. That’s not just words: ¬everyone needs to participate!

This year we are nominating three positions, and next year there will be four positions up for election. Each position is a 2-year term, and we will also accept nominations from the floor during the November elections. New officers will take office immediately following the December meeting.

VP – John Marzulli. John will be VP in Year 1, and President in Year 2
Treasurer – Jason Hills (incumbent, running for re-election)
Director – Chad Hankins

You can read the chapter bylaws at http://docs.eaa1440.org.s3.amazonaws.com/Chapter1440Bylaws.pdf