Monday, February 15, 2016

Yes, we still exist!

Although we have skipped a number of entries for 2015, the chapter is still active, primarily on FaceBook at , but also on the Yahoo group.

Next meeting is Tuesday, Feb. 16, 7PM, at the Bellevue Library!

Ron Wanttaja will present 'GA Maintenance and Exosystem Consequences'.

Every time someone takes a wrench to an airplane, there's a possibility the work won't go right and the system you've worked on doesn't operate properly. However, there are occasionally cases where the maintenance mistake causes problems BEYOND the system in question. Controls jammed by mis-routed wiring, or hydraulic leaks brought on when a too-long screw is used to attach some fairings. Or, worst of all, fires started by wrongly-installed avionics or bad fuel system work.

Ron has examined over 30 years of General Aviation accidents to identify these cases of what he calls, "Exosystem Consequences." At the meeting, he'll go over the results of his analysis...what kinds of mistakes are being made, and what sort of consequences ensue.

The topic alone should be interesting enough...but Ron performed this analysis in support of another effort, one that holds promise to benefit many aircraft owners.

!VENUE CHANGE! We're meeting at the Bellevue library, meeting room 3.

Please come with your $20 for the 1440 dues, as it's that time of year again...

-- !Bonus Presentation! --
Chris Foster, from the group that previously presented on the Boeing Glassair, will be giving us a short presentation on a new clean-sheet design, to get some feedback on the design, and solicit help on the construction side.

If you know anything about composite mold making and/or resin infusion, please come to the meeting and talk to Chris!

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